Basic rules of nozzles assembly


Torque values for tightening the injector in motor head and forces tightening the nozzle to injector holder, given by manufacturers of motors and injection apparatus are very important. Too high torque values may cause deformation of injector body resulting in high temperature during operation, loss of clearance and injector needle jamming (seizure, suspension), thus IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO FOLLOW CORRECT TORQUE VALUE FOR NUT CLAMPING THE NOZZLE WHEN INSTALLING THE INJECTOR.

OUR NOZZLES ENSURE long and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, no smoke, sufficiently low exhaust emissions, problem-free motor starting on condition NOZZLE OPENING PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT IS CORRECT which is checked and adjusted using SPECIAL TESTER FOR INJECTOR CHECKING AND ADJUSTING. Tightness of the connection between injector holder and nozzle depends mainly on DEGREE OF WEAR OF INJECTOR PARTS, i.e. SPACER, BODY, BAR, SPRING, thus when replacing nozzle it is necessary to inspect technical condition of injector parts and if needed replace them.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF WUZETEM NOZZLES and correctly installed and adjusted injection apparatus ensures long-term satisfaction of their users.