About quality

The Quality Management System implemented at WUZETEM is based upon continuous strive to perfection both in the manufactured products and optimisation and standardisation of production processes. According to our vision of organisation we wish to maintain WUZETEM as a reliable and excellent brand on spare part market by a continuous technological and quality development of our products and development of our staff without whom this success would not be possible. Therefore we reach the highest satisfaction among our customers.

Highest quality of used materials guarantees reliability and high quality of manufactured products. WUZETEM uses steels the chemical composition and purity of which is identical to the ones used by top manufacturers like Bosch and Delphi. Also thermo-chemical treatment, apart from material quality, is a process that guarantees necessary durability and reliability of our products.

Machining processes used for all products: precision pairs, nozzles, valves and pumping elements provide precise processing and ensure high-accuracy linear dimensions, small values of shape errors and technical conditions within tenths of a micron.

With modern approach to management of all business and production processes, including Quality Management process, WUZETEM is able to deliver the highest quality parts. By using well-proven and modern quality tools we control our processes and, acting on basis of accurate analyses and data collected during the process, we take decisions on how to optimise processes more accurately to reach better results than the competition. It would not be possible without a great pro-quality awareness of our employees who know and are aware that the Quality starts already at their workstations.