For shareholders

The “For shareholders” section contains current information concerning all entries in the National Court Register regarding the share capital, notices connected with transformation, notices of general meetings, calls for shareholders to deposit shares in connection with dematerialisation, notices of the intent to deprive shareholders of their equity interest, notice of the deprivation of a shareholder of their equity interest and other information required by the law.

The principles governing the operations of the Company and the rights and obligations of shareholders as well as all rights or limitations connected with the ownership of shares are governed by the Articles of Association, which can be downloaded here.

The General Meeting of the Shareholders of Warszawskie Zakłady Mechaniczne “PZL-WZM” w Warszawie S.A. has the competencies provided for in the Commercial Companies Code for general meetings of joint-stock companies, including the approval of the financial statement, deciding on the allocation of profit or coverage of losses and deciding to grant the vote of approval to the remaining members of the governing bodies of the Company.

The call and preparation of the General Meeting are performed according to the procedures and principles defined in the Commercial Companies Code and in the Articles of Association of the Company. The dates of the General Meeting of the Shareholders of WUZETEM are announced according to the provisions of the law, i.e., through a routine notice.

Announcements of General Meetings are published here.

In connection with the act of 30/8/2019 on the amendment of the Commercial Companies Code and certain other acts (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1798), please be advised that as of 1/3/2021, it has become obligatory to dematerialise all shares of joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships. This means that the shares will not have the form of a physical document, and all of them will become electronic records, and the documents issued previously will cease to be legally binding. The shares (in electronic form) will have to be registered in the share register, and the register can be maintained only by parties licensed under the act of 29/7/2005 on trading in financial instruments, i.e., brokerage firms (among others).

Calls for the shareholders of Warszawskie Zakłady Mechaniczne “PZL-WZM” w Warszawie S.A. to deposit share documents:

Fifth call

Fourth call

Third call

Second call

First call

Forms of documents to be downloaded in connection with the dematerialisation of shares:

Authorisation – natural person

Authorisation – legal person

Application for an entry in the Share Register

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WUZETEM is a global supplier of steel precision components for vehicles, machinery and equipment. It offers comprehensive solutions in the area of precision mechanics for manufacturers and distributors from the automotive industry, agricultural business, military sector and heavy industry. The company specialises in the production of high-quality nozzles, injectors and plungers. It has modern machinery and equipment, an R&D laboratory and an experienced team of engineers. The company has been in business continuously for more than 70 years, and its products can be found in 33 countries in the world.


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